Family Law

If you and your family require the services of a family lawyer, you are most likely going through one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging times of your life. Family law is the area of law covering the legal relationship of family members, including husbands, wives, parents, children, and domestic partners. Family law issues and their resolution may entail the most significant legal and financial events of your life. If you are poorly represented by someone not truly qualified to handle your case, it could prove to be a costly event and one that you regret for a long time.

The Rotolo Law Firm provides strong yet compassionate representation in all areas of family law. Our firm is comprised of experienced trial lawyers who are ready to fight for you in court, if necessary. Victor Rotolo, founder of the firm, is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney. The Rotolo Law Firm can advocate for your interests in all contested matters regarding divorce, property distribution, custody or any other contested matter.

While some contested family matters require aggressive and strong litigation tactics to obtain the desired result, ultimately, we strive to reach a fair and amicable resolution. The attorneys at The Rotolo Law Firm apply their expertise and experience to ensure that each case is handled individually according to their client’s needs and desires to obtain the best result for their client. Our firm has entered into numerous settlement agreements, uncontested divorces, parenting agreements and other agreements to achieve a beneficial result for our client in a cost effective manner.

We are well versed in all facets of family law.  We participate in divorce proceedings resolved through litigation, mediation, arbitration, and collaboration.  Please click on each of these processes to find out more valuable information about your options in divorce.   Both mediation and arbitration can be utilized in the litigation process.  The collaborative process is an alternate to litigation, mediation and arbitration, and requires that both parties retain attorneys who are trained in collaborative law.

We also recognize the need to keep our clients fully informed regarding their case. Our attorneys respond to all calls and requests for information within 24 hours. We respect the practical advice and needs of our clients and work to litigate their matters accordingly. Our main goal is always to help our clients resolve their legal problems as quickly as possible so they can move forward with their lives. We know that divorce and other family law issues have a significant financial impact on families so we take every step to protect our clients from being saddled with financial responsibilities they may not be able to meet in the future.

The Rotolo Law Firm provides legal counsel in the following areas of family law:

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