A divorce proceeding is one of the most difficult and emotional legal situations a person will face. Whether you are initiating the divorce or your spouse already has, you will need a competent and experienced attorney to develop legal strategies and a plan to get through this trying time.

The Rotolo Law Firm is comprised of an experienced group of divorce attorneys who know and understand the legal system. As an attorney that is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and a former police officer, Victor Rotolo has fought hard to protect the rights of his clients and to achieve the results they deserve. 

Serious Issues

Choosing the right divorce lawyer can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your divorce matter. Divorce matters involve serious issues of a very personal nature. In a divorce proceeding, your assets, future and family may be at stake. The decisions required in these types of cases may impact how you live your life or how you interact with your children. Without the right legal representation, you can lose a significant portion of your possessions and savings, precious months and years with your children and it could even threaten your future ability to take care of yourself. Issues of Alimony, Prenuptial Agreements, Child Custody and asset allocation could all turn against you if you do not have a divorce attorney who understands how to manage a divorce proceeding.


Divorce matters often contain contentious issues that can quickly degenerate into bitter situations if not handled competently by an attorney who understands the law and workings of the court system. You and your spouse may be in complete agreement, involved in a contentious disagreement, or somewhere in between. Our attorneys help you find the most efficient and cost effective path to a resolution of all issues.

Divorce often has a broad range of consequences that clients often initially fail to consider. Issues such as what constitutes marital and non-marital property and marital debt as well as the implications of divorce on family-owned or closely held businesses need to be resolved as part of any divorce proceeding. In addition, child issues are central to any divorce proceeding. Child support, child custody, co-parenting, visitation and allocation of college costs are extremely sensitive and emotional issues that need to be resolved with the best interests of the child as the primary goal.

A quality divorce settlement generally does not happen overnight. Dealing with divorce courts, protecting assets, resolving custody issues and devising an equitable distribution of marital assets takes time. However, The Rotolo Law Firm will guard against excessive litigation related to divorce settlements. While it is possible to litigate every aspect of a divorce case, we believe in protecting our clients from excessive litigation that will have little financial reward.

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