Criminal Defense

Victor Rotolo recognized as a 2015 Top 10
Attorney in NJ in the area of Criminal Defense.

When you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney who is highly skilled and experienced to protect your rights. An adverse decision by a criminal court can negatively impact the rest of your life. You could end up with a criminal record, a large fine or sentence or other consequences that will follow you throughout your life. In addition, the stress and emotional burden of facing a criminal charge can be overwhelming.

Victor Rotolo is not only a highly skilled and recognized attorney, but he is also a former police officer for the City of Elizabeth. The experience of being both a police officer as well as an attorney has enabled Mr. Rotolo to achieve consistent success for his clients facing criminal charges.

Victor Rotolo has also earned the respect of many court officials, police officers and other lawyers because of his meticulous investigation and defense preparation as well as his integrity in representing his clients. Mr. Rotolo is a veteran trial attorney whose adept negotiation skills have enabled him to obtain the best possible resolutions for his clients.

Whether you are facing minor criminal charges or serious criminal charges, or if you have a case for police misconduct, contact Victor Rotolo for the representation you need to protect your rights.

Rotolo and his team work to expunge your criminal record, where applicable, and are ready to defend you regarding the following criminal areas and many other criminal charges you may be facing: