Child Support

Under New Jersey law, both parents must contribute to the support of their children. The amount of child support each parent is required to pay is derived from a mathematical formula known as the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. These Guidelines have been set by New Jersey for use by the Courts and take much of the dispute away from the determination of child support. The Court may only modify the guidelines or deviate from the guidelines when good cause is shown.

The primary figures used in determining child support are the incomes of both parties and the number of overnight visits enjoyed by the non-custodial parent. Child Support in New Jersey is usually paid weekly or bi-weekly from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent.

It is important to keep in mind however, that these Guidelines are just that, guidelines. Appropriate child support payments can be adjusted for each parent's specific financial situation and issues such as income potential, illness, children from another marriage, high incomes, and the age of the children can have a substantial impact on child support obligations.

When dealing with child support issues the goal of The Rotolo Law Firm is to assure our clients' children do not suffer as a result of the divorce, while providing our clients with enough money to support themselves and their families. The experienced family law attorneys at The Rotolo Law Firm consider the Child Support Guidelines and accompanying laws to ensure that their clients pay the appropriate child support. Child support issues must be handled very carefully because they impose long-term financial obligations. Please call The Rotolo Law Firm if you have issues regarding child support obligations.

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